Costs & Payments

While we do not have any membership fees, and administration is done by volunteers, we do have recurring costs that must be paid. We pay for the field or gym, the facilities, and the equipment that allow us to play our games! So please help us cover these costs so we can all enjoy playing as much as possible. Payment options are listed below. Discounts are listed for those who choose to pre-pay. Please speak with Ben or Mark if your financial situation is such that an additional discount would allow you to join us more often.

Please remember that your first game with us is free! Do not start here unless you have already tried out GrayBeard Soccer and know you'd like to continue!

Pricing Info

The payment system works as follows. For EACH ticket purchased:

  • The first 5 games are $5/each
  • The next 10 additional games are only $4 each
  • The next 20 additional games are only $3 each
  • The next 40 additional games are only $2 each
  • Students can receive an extra $1/game discount for the first 35 games of the ticket

Payment Methods

Payments may be made online using the button below. Simply enter the number of games you wish to pay for and double-check the amount. There may be some setup steps required if this is your first time using PayPal, but we hope you find it quick & easy to use so we can get you back to the business of soccer. Cash and checks (made out to "GrayBeards Football Club") are also accepted on the field. Please do not count on change being available.

Cost Calculator

GamesPriceSavingsBuy Online
$25.00Log in required

Sign Up!

Once you have games in your account get signed up for some soccer! Our rosters fill up first-come-first-served, so get signed up early! All participants must sign up online. All charges are non-refundable.

Family Plans

Games are transferrable to family members in order to make the most of pre-payment discounts. In this context, Family is considered to include only parents, children, siblings, aunts/uncles, nephews/neices, 1st cousins, spouses, fiancees, and long-time girlfriends/boyfriends.

News Space still available in upcoming games. Sign up today!
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