Rules & Policies

  • Play nice. Play safely! No slide tackling or dangerous play!
  • Allow less skilled players a chance to field the ball. Involve ALL teammates, Hares and Tortoises!
  • The one fouled (not the one committing the alleged foul) has the right to call it, or call, "Play on" (advantage). If the game is stopped for a foul, take the appropriate free kick.
  • Where possession on a side line "out ball" is in question, the defending team restarts the match.
  • Avoid conflict. A club manager will step in* if an argument ensues.
  • Rotate positions. Outdoors, please play the keeper position for 8-10 minutes, at least once per half. Rotate the other positions informally.


We don't want to make keeping up with the Rules & Policies a pain. This is supposed to be fun! So we will list here only those issues that come up and need to be addressed. For all issues not determined here the club admin on the field will be in charge of resolving all disputes.

  • Members who sign up online will have priority when it comes to roster spots and field preferences in the case where conflicts arrise.
  • Roster spots help for members who sign up online will be open to first-come-first-served at 10 minutes after scheduled "game time" unless they have contacted the admin to let them know they are in need of an acception.

Indoor Soccer Rotation Diagrams

5-member teams

When there are 5 members on a team we play a 1-2-2 and rotate every 5 mintues. Since play is most fun in a 5v5 game this rotation allows for up to 7 players to play on each team. At each rotation you will follow the arrow to the next position. If there are 5 players on your team then nobody sits out. If there are 6 players then the person following the dotted line will be replaced by the player who was sitting out. If there are 7 players then the players following the dotted and the dashed lines are replaced.

The curved dashed line can be followed if someone has medical reasons why the cannot play in the goalkeeping position. This means that a teammate will play the goalkeeping position twice in a row. So that the same teammate doesn't always play two turns in goal the player skipping ahead in the rotation is to stay ahead in rotation and continue skipping forward as the game goes on.

4-member teams

With only 4 members there are no substitutes. A diamond rotation typiclaly works best. Small goals and "no goalkeeper" may also be utilized when the numbers are small.

* If, for the purposes of expedient return to play, a club manager must make a decision to resolve a conflict it is expected that all members respect that decision or cease their participation. Further discussion on the issue may continue after the club's activity has concluded for the day.

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